Business/Functional Consultant

Business/Functional Consultant

The galactic empire lost because they have overseen a detail in the Death Star. We know the importance of the foundations of a project. We need you and your expertise to avoid the fate of the Empire and the Death Star. Join us and help us create the requirements and specifications of successful projects.

Business/Functional Consultant

Key Competences

  • Strong will to learn and evolve further in the career;
  • Strong will to work in a team and be a team player;
  • Strong Communication skills;
  • Technical Savvy and Web curious;

Preferred Competences

  • Degree in Engineering or similar;
  • Experience in IT development environments;
  • Experience in Customer engagement;
  • Experience in Teams engagement;
  • Good English skills.

What we Offer

  • We always work as a Team, there are no isolated allocations;
  • There are always Senior Members ready and capable to help You Evolve;
  • Every Team Member regardless of the experience is always trained to be the next Team Leader/Manager/Partner (sorry but Founder is out of reach);
  • Remote work every time the Projects and Team Formation allow it.