What we do?

What we do?

Our Team has a great deal of experience in several processes. We’ve engaged clients since the early conception of the Vision for the solution until the Production deploy and subsequent stages of Support and Improvements.
Bellow the Major Steps and concerns we can help your company with:

Vision and Concept

Definition of company Goals. ex: Sales increase, Cost Reduction, etc.
Who is going to use the solution. ex: Direct User, Internal Team, etc.
Technologies to use. ex: for Web Portal, for Mobile App, for Integration Layer, Secure Signature, Template creation, Reporting, and many others!

Data Colection

Definition of data collection: which Entities, wizard like steps, specific requirements

External data to use in the process

Definition of needed Integrations for data collection (Internal sources and External sources).

Solution Business Process, Business Rules and computations

Process definition with your Business Specialists
Business Rules and Computations collection and analysis.
Needed Business Tool Integrations: video, chat, analytics, …

Management and Analytical Information

Definition of the Business Information required for decision making, trend analysis, etc…
Evaluation of the Tools already in the Organisation or creation/inclusion of new ones if required.

Solution Life Cycle Management

Definition or Implementation of the Life Cycle processes.
Environment Setup, Code Progression between Environments, Go Live Data and Environment Preparation.

Maintenance and Development Support

Definition of Engagement Rules, SLAs, Change Management governance.
The Team will support the effort of making sure that after the Delivery, when it really matters, everything continues to go smoothly.

– Main Processes worked on:
Originations, Simulators, Order Management & Billing, CRM & ERP
– Main Sectors worked on:
Insurance, Banking, Industry, Services, Telecomunications

Don’t See what you need? We evolve fast, Contact us and we will figure out together in what we can assist you with!