Where we do it?

Where we do it?

We believe our Customers will have the most added value if our Teams are able to do most of the Projects work remotely. The reason for this are the synergies and interchangeability between Peaceful Teams and also the ability to share specific resources knowledge that a regular Low Code Team doesn’t have. (ex: security specialist, database specialist, other technologies expertise – .Net, Native Mobile, etc…)

The ability to have our architects interact with each other in design definition stages, the ability to have our developers exchange technical approaches between them, and other similar examples, will ultimately provide a more robust and all out best final solution for the end user.

We are familiar with the challenges of the remote work, and have been dealing with them successfully for Years.

Find bellow our Teams expertise on development scenarios.

Near Shore

Our Team Members have worked for several locations in Europe.


Our Team Members have worked for several different World Regions (Asia, North America, Latin America), even with the most remote timezone differences.


Our Team Members have experience in performing remote processes in Domestic Customers, proving that the remote approach is not a geographic inevitability but a good approach for Solution development and delivery.


Our Team Members are also familiar with scenarios when the customer or project specific needs imply the Teams presence in the Customer installations. Usually occurs when the external access is not straight forward due to security reasons.